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"I have had the privilege to work directly with Cherie. The level of professionalism she brings to the table is next to none!"

Justin W.

"I have been trained and mentored by Cherie Silas in professional coaching for nearly a year now, and it has been a thoroughly transformative experience for me. Some things in life cannot be rushed, stepped over or sold short. Cherie has been extremely demanding of herself in reliably delivering nothing but shear excellence to everyone in the entire cohort, since its inception. That is a very high bar. Filling tall very orders like training up coaches from scratch is where Cherie outshines anyone I know of, working in this space. I wouldn't trust my professional development with anyone else. The value Cherie contributed towards my growth as a professional coach is massive! End of story.

As a professional coach, having the confidence to actually apply my trade, after the certification, is going to make all the difference to reaping the rewards of investing in myself. Cherie trains us to be coaching at least 1 level above what we are trying to get certified for. So, just making the cut for certification, is actually the furthest thing from my mind, during the course. I'm focused on being a great coach constantly performing at my best to maximize the benefit for my clients. -Cherie enabled that for everyone in the cohort. You may be a very strong as a coach already, AND Cherie will build on that to make you many times better still. When I'm working with a client, in the most critical conversations to the human experience, I will remember how to leverage the Core Competencies every coach must practice, in service to my clients' agenda. Don't walk; RUN to register into her next class today.

I don't always coach, but when I do, I coach at least 1 level higher than my ICF certification. You can too if you work with Cherie Silas, as I have. Do yourself and your clients a favor: go to work on yourself first, with Cherie, and be the most interesting, and interested coach in the world."

Jon Jorgensen

“Cherie took me by hand in a journey that led me to increased awareness of myself and others. Thanks to her I developed a coaching mindset that allows me to unleash other people’s potential and bring value to every coaching conversation. Cherie is an amazing coach and mentor. You will love her!”


“I am on my third consecutive mentoring group with Cherie Silas and I have found the sessions extremely valuable. Cherie’s remarkable experience, the diversity of coaches in the group, the exchange of knowledge from everyone and the coaching practice that we do every time has truly changed me. I look forward to attending every week because I always learn something useful which I can start applying straightaway in my job as a coach. A coaching career can be very hard if you do not have anyone to share your thoughts and to work together through your journey. We have a great psychologically safe environment and It is reassuring to see that I am not alone and that everyone has ups and downs and nobody is shy to talk about it. I strongly recommend Cherie’s mentoring group. It will make you wanting to improve, every time!”

Paulo Dias

I’ve started the mentoring groups with Cherie on the very first one, a friend that recommend Cherie to begin my CTC journey because I needed a mentor. What I learned in this classes is way more than coaching skills or CTC mentoring.

Cherie creates in her classes a very safe and trustful environment where we could grow and flourish as people and professionals. From the mentoring group emerged a self-organized groups focus on coaching practice with amazing results.

Thank you, Cherie, for helping me to grow and bring together such great people.


"I first met Cherie about 3 years ago and instantly was amazed by her knowledge and coaching presence. After just 3 days of working with Cherie I knew right away where I wanted to take my career next. Cherie has been my mentor, coach, and inspirational leader ever since. I have attended several of her group coaching classes on coaching fundamentals and how to acquire experience and knowledge to successfully complete the Scrum Alliance CTC application. Additionally Cherie has coached me on an individual basis. She helped me overcome my fear of public speaking and helped me find my way to making some important decisions in my life. She's down to earth, fun and straight forward.

Due to her mentoring and teaching I have had great success with coaching scrum teams, working with mid-level managers, product owners, scrum masters and more. When I tell people where I use to work, they always ask how did that company produce such great scrum masters. I tell them it was largely because of Cherie and her vision for making people better today than they were yesterday. Under Cherie's tutelage you learn the basics, the extreme and walk away with a different viewpoint about everything. She has had such great experiences you learn from her mistakes and her successes of which she's had plenty. You can't learn from anyone better. She's the real thing and I am forever grateful for learning from and knowing her. If you get the chance to attend her workshops, classes or whatever...take it. You will be changed for the better."

Angie P.

"I attended the CTC mentoring and icf coaching classes... the learning journey with Cherie has been real. She is a great coach, mentor, and teacher. I also love the fact that her online courses are really focused and give time for practice.

Cherie is awesome. She has taught me how to be a better coach."

Pelumi Olajide

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Cherie’s main focus is culture transformation and development of people in Agile roles. When not coaching agile organizations, Cherie can be found coaching individuals, executives, employees, and rising leaders of non-profit organizations. She also teaches professional coaching to people in Agile careers who want to earn ICF credentials and add coaching to their toolkit. Cherie has background training from CTI and ORSC and has a passion to bringing professional coaching into the Agile world.


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