Coaching ~ It’s more than just asking questions


A common belief is that the difference between coaching and managing is simply asking questions rather than giving orders.  I used to believe this.  Instead of making decisions for my teams and telling them what to do I would ask them questions and get them to derive their own solutions.  I thought that meant I was coaching.  But the more I got into coaching the more I really wanted to make sure I was doing it right and being effective.  So, over the past two years I have invested in myself and in my craft.  I have learned everything I can about professional coaching and gotten mentoring by master coaches.

What I learned through the experience is that coaching is ALOT more than just asking questions.  In fact, through this experience I learned that professional coaching skills (and a ton of techniques and coaching models) can mean the difference between being adequate or being excellent for a scrum master, agile coach, or agile manager.

Now, I’m on a mission and a journey to mentor scrum masters in learning coaching skills and show them how to apply them in real world scenarios with agile teams.  As an agile coach I have the unique opportunity to develop scrum masters in a way that I have never seen done before and I’m excited and humbled to get this opportunity to invest in the careers of a great group of people.

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