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Interview Agile Amped


Cherie Silas to ScrumMasters: “Add Coaching Skills to Your Agile Toolkit” at KAA2016

ScrumMasters have an important role in Agile: they help delivery teams achieve high-performance by removing impediments and taking care of the workflow process so that other team members can focus on producing excellent value quickly. Too often, however, ScrumMastery devolves into an administrative role. While functioning as de facto admin may be part of an SMs responsibilities, Enterprise Agile Coach, Cherie Silas wants to help ScrumMasters sharpen and, if necessary, develop coaching skills to complement the tools already in their Agile toolkit. In her Keep Austin Agile 2016 session, Cherie will teach 16 professional coaching skills that ScrumMasters can cultivate, which fall into four categories:

  1. Internal Control skills – focus on self-control, self-management
  2. Verbal Communication skills – making distinctions, direct communication, articulating what’s going on
  3. Relational/Forwarding skills – help make a connection between coaches and the team, helping the team go beyond their current beliefs and solutions,  critical thinking
  4. Creative Thinking skills – changing geography, taking different stances, using visual aids and reference points

SolutionsIQ’s Howard Sublett hosts at Keep Austin Agile 2016.

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