Scrum Mastering – It’s a hard job. But someone has to do it!


This is me.  I’m an agile coach and I love being a scrum master whenever my path allows me to step into that role for a few months in order to start up new teams and develop scrum masters.  I’ve been scrum mastering a few teams for the past couple of months and having the time of my life!  But now comes the real test – mentoring a few brand new scrum masters. 

One thing I’ve noticed over time when working with new scrum masters is that from the outside looking in, this job is easy.  It’s not until you start to really work with them and peel back the covers that they get to see how complex this work really is.  Being a great scrum master doesn’t stop at removing impediments and helping the team stay organized.  Scrum Mastering is about really knowing people and really knowing scrum.  It’s about having a mindset of agility that adheres to the agile values and principles.  It’s about being a really great facilitator, mentor, and coach to people who want to be the best.

I love this job!

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