Competency Based Certifications – Training and Mentoring 

Note: The following are mentoring and training programs – not a guarantee of certifications.

  • These program is intended to teach and mentor you in the fundamentals of working as a coach of agile teams and organizations. 
  • This is not a replacement for the experience, competency, and expertise required of the CTC or CEC or ICF Certifications.
  • We will work along side you as you gain this experience and give you feedback on your competencies and help you learn new skills and techniques to assist you in your journey.

ICF Competency Based Certifications – Training and Mentoring

  • ICF Professional Coach Training ACC Level – Individual Coaching
  • ICF Professional Coach Training PCC Level – Systems Coaching
  • ICF Mentor Coaching
  • ICF Coaching Circles
  • ICF Recording Review and Feedback

For Advanced Agilists: CSP + CTC and CEC Candidates

  • Application Support, Review, and Competency Assessment
  • Group Mentoring and Accountability Cohorts
  • Agile Coaching Supervision Program
  • Community Engagement Mentorship Program
    • Includes training and public speaking competencies and opportunities
    • Includes mentoring competencies and opportunities
    • Includes community resource creation and development opportunities